Remove Empty Tracks and Multi Channel VSTis

Hey guys,

I love the “remove empty tracks” command and would love to use it specifically at the end of projects for general maintenane and clean-up. However, when I use multi-channel VSTis this seems to post a problem. Here’s what’s happening. I create a VSTi which calls up say an instance of Kontakt. I can then, thanks to cubase create midi channels off that VSTi. I do this often. I’ll create a VSTi called Strings, then hide that channel and go about my business of creating a string section with midi channels 1-16 each of which takes up a track. Heres the thing. When I go to clean up at the end, I’d love to use the Remove Empty Tracks BUT NOT REMOVE any vsti that has connected midi channels that play through it.

An easy solution might be to allow the Remove Empty Tracks to have a selection of types of tracks to clean up…or even a selection that states DO NOT CLEAN UP TRACKS WITH DATA sending to them.

Thanks so much for your time and patience.

All the best