Remove excess pages in Engrave mode?

I made a part for one player, one instrument. Four little songs in four flows, tried to fit them on 2 pages, this goes rather well.
But now I seem to have pages # 3 and 4, with music frames (and notes) on them. I would rather remove these. In the right panel (Pages), they do no have red triangles like pages #1 and 2. They also don’t have a right-click option Remove page-override.
If I delete the music frame on page #3, Dorico adds a page #5 with a new music frame. Which is not what I want (…)
How to remove the excess pages?

Can you post a screenshot of your project in Engrave mode, with the right panel showing and Frames toggled on?

See attached png’s …

It seems that the frames on pages 3 and onwards are still linked to the master chain, or MA. Try changing all frames to either MA or to LB. Once it is clear that all the music belongs to the same sequence, Dorico should remove the extra pages.

Changing all frames to one type did not quite work at once. I ended up with two chains: MA and MI. MA filtered to the first 2 songs, MI to the last 2. Then I could remove the excess frames and pages.
Thank you LSalgueiro for helping me out!