Remove Forced Stem question

Is there a way to fix stem directions that were incorrectly assigned in an imported MusicXML file?

I’ve found that many can be resolved by using the “Remove Forced Stem” command, but not all of them. Using the “Force Stem Down” command doesn’t seem to have any effect even after using the “Remove” command.

Has anyone found a way to do this?


Dorico has to use a heuristic to try to determine what the correct nominal stem direction for each voice in a MusicXML file ought to be, since MusicXML does not encode information about whether a voice should nominally be stems up or stems down. With any heuristic-based approach, there are edge cases that cause the program to end up with the wrong result.

At the moment, I’m afraid there’s no way to change the default stem direction of an existing voice, or to swap the contents of two voices. This is a high priority and we hope to have these features implemented in the first post-release update.

Thanks Daniel! MusicXML - seems to be the bane of your life! :laughing:
Looking forward to the update, but am really enjoying playing around and learning in the meantime. Great programme that will very likely become an indispensable part of my toolbox!