'Remove from list' and Can't clean up recent project via HUB Cubase 11 Pro

It won’t and that is what is so annoying. One of the first bugs out of the gate and you would have thought it would be the first to fix.

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I just saw the fix features… and take back what I said above. That’s really annoying.


Hi, new here. Recently I faced an issue in Cubase 11 Pro, it seems that I can’t remove from the list my recent projects. Cubase released an update 11.0.10 or something, and I hoped that the issue is gone, but it seems that is still there. Hope can someone find a fix for this issue. Thanks in advance and sorry for my rusty english.

hi mousetrap

it didn’t get fixed in 11.0.10 unfortunately but Steinberg have promised a fix in the next update.

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mousetrap. what OS are you using?


Hi Tom, I’m usig 10.15.7 MacOS Catalina. I understood that this bug it will be fixed with the next Cubase update. For now, I have to manually remove the projects by modifying the Defaults.xml file… it’s a little bit annoying but at least the recent projects are now gone from the HUB window. Thank you, and sorry for my rusty english.

Fair enough… I was going to suggest the workaround if you were not aware of it.

Have fun.

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I have this same issue on Mac OS Big Sur. I found the quickest way for me was to change the folder name where the project file is and then try to open. You will then be met with a dialog that says the file can’t be found and allows you to remove the recent file from the list.


I’ll try this to see if it works for me too. Still using Catalina because there are some compatibility issues with NI on Big Sur, but your method seems to be much easier rather than edit the Default.xml file everytime. Thanks!

I marked a reply as ‘solution’ even though it is just a workaround. It doesn’t involve editing Default.xml (anyone can mark a post ‘Solution’ btw)

Unbelievable, I just installed the Cubase 11.0.10 update and the bug that was in version 11 is still there. The same problem remained at the Steinberg Hub. The “Remove from list” option still does not work. Honestly, I wonder why they didn’t correct that mistake. I don’t know if this error is present in all users.

You buy a version and it is unfortunately not free of errors. Then there are 2-3 updates but not all bugs are fixed and that’s it.
After that there is a new version that you can pay for and you get new bugs. It’s been like this for a long time.
Cubase is actually great, but unfortunately buggy.

Bad enough that I am stuck with this dongle foolishness, I am starting to get fed up with Steinberg, and there extremely slow effort to address a most serious issue as this…
I am strongly considering Cakewalk By Band-lab. Fully Functioning DAW, totally free forever, no dongle or scheme in order to use it… I also have FL Studio Producer Edition Free Lifetime Updates, Just not accustomed to the workflow which is ark-ward. I have been using Cubase since Cubase VST 3.5. Thousands spent on upgrades, Threats to have to re purchase the software If you have to replace the Dongle more than 1 time., etc…

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I love you Cubase, but seems unforgivable that this issue wasn’t fixed in the first maintenance update, especially since it’s separate from the functions of the DAW itself; must be a simple fix surely.?! If it isn’t addressed in the next update then… well, I’ll just remain unhappy, and slightly confused as to which projects I’m working on, haha.