"Remove from recent projects" no longer works

If I right-clicked on a recent project from the list on the home page, a dialog ‘Remove from recent projects’ popped up, and I was able to do the deed. Now, although the dialog appears, the removal doesn’t happen. I’ve restarted Dorico and also rebooted the computer, with no effect. What can I do?

It has been already reported “only” 3 months ago. Are you in a hurry? If they will not forget, maybe will be address this in a future update, probably after 2-3 other months from now. In Italy they say “chi va piano, arriva lontano”. That means “who is going slow will arrive far”. This is the slogan! I wait for a bug to be fixed in media rack since 6 years ago

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It seems to work fine here in 3.5.10, and I can’t find any report of this from the past three months. Where did you see such a report?

@Gareth_Glyn, if you really don’t want to see the file in the Recent Projects list, open a File Explorer window, navigate to the folder in which the project is contained and either rename or move the project to a different location. That should remove it from the Recent Projects list the next time you run Dorico.

Thanks. I’ll do that. The ‘remove’ command worked until a couple of days, though…

you haven’t renamed or moved the file or something like that by any chance? That the only situation I’ve ever been able to get behaviour like this and haven’t heard of a bug in this area either.

I am sorry I did not see that it is for dorico. The same issues was reported on cubase 11.0.00 and is still there on 11.0.10

That is a very good point. I have been doing a lot of file renaming in this current project, and I might well have been doing it at a stage in the process that affects the ‘recent’ list. I’ll do some experimenting and find out for sure. Many thanks for flagging this up!