Remove licenses from user accounts and dangle

Hi guys.
Two years ago I changed my Cubase 7 for 8. Anyway,
I don’t need both of versions on my HD, so simply I want to sell my old 7 in pawnshop.

So, now….How can I delete my license from my e-licenser and Steinberg customer account. I want just to prepare this for sale before.

I tried many times, however really I don’t know how.

Grzegorz Kuźma

Hi you, if you took the step from cubase 7 to cubase 8 by buing an upgrade (and not an additional full license) you can of course NOT sell the cubase 7 license and Keep the 8!

Actually if your dongle Shows the cubase 8 license you will still be able to use cubase 7 with it. But only you with your dongle.

If you bought a second license, you would have two full licenses on your dongle. Transferring this by selling is explained in Detail in the Support area. There is no “deletion” involved´that you had to do in advance.

Cheers, Ernst

Yeah, actually I have both licences as 7 and 8 separately. So I can to get rid of my old stuff.
The problem is that I haven’t any idea how to delete my old licenses from usb-key and account.


You cannot delete the license. You can only transfer it to another USB-eLicenser or User Account. If you are going to sell your Cunase 7 license, read this article, please.