Remove metronome click from a track

English below

lässt sich mit Spectralayers One auch ein Metronomclick aus einem Track entfernen, oder braucht man dazu die “Pro” Version.
Wenn das geht, würde ich mich über eine kurze Anleitung sehr freuen

Can I remove the metronome click from a track using SpectraLayers - without buying the PRO version?


Other than the eraser, I think the only tool that could be used for the job is the declicker, and, even then, success would depend on the overall complexity of the waveform.

No, you wouldn’t need the Pro version of SL to do that job. Elements would be good enough. But try the demo first before spending any money.

I’d say no you can’t, as an answer to your question in German. There ain’t any eraser tool and the selection options are poor in SL One.
Check out the comparison table: