Remove noise between drum hits

Hi guys,
Before I go into this project and remove all the noise between drum hits manually I want to make sure there isn’t a better, faster way to do this.
I see that this is a way to “remove silence” but I want to keep the space(s) between drum hits but just just the “Add Process” menu within the wav editor and then click on “Silence”.
I want the track to be continues without brakes between sections to keep everything organized and lined up for the person that will be done the mixing/mastering.

So I’m using an old but trusty Alesis DM-5 drum modules. It’s a bit noisy compared to the other modules I have. The project is nearly done but I have to do a little house keeping. Removing the hiss between drum hits is one of them. Do you guys know if there is an easy way to add complete silence between drum hits or is manually doing this the only way?

Thank you guys,

I would start by trying with a regular Gate. There is one available in the Cubase Channel strip as well as VSTfx plugin for Insert slots.

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Hey thanks Mlib. I didn’t think of that!
I’ll give it a try.
Thank you