Remove NotePerfomer... (macOS)


Before I wrote this post I searched the forum but it seems I can’t find an answer. Please, how do I remove the NotePerfomer trial? Thanks.

p.s.: I find that the sounds bundled with Dorico are better and cleaner than the ones bundled with NP.

Did you see the information on this page:

Thanks, but when I run this uninstall command in Terminal:

/Library/Application Support/NotePerformer/Uninstall NotePerformer.command

I get this error message: No such file or directory…but NP still stuck there on my Dorico playback.

Did you check the content of the folder, or if the uninstall.command exists in this folder?
If so, try writing “sudo” before the file path.

I was able to find the file by looking in Macintosh HD, Library (etc.). You presumably were given an install location prompt, so perhaps it is in your user library instead? There are a number of files in the NotePerformer folder.

It’s ok, I found it and removed it. Thanks.