Remove old programs

I had Cubase 7/8 Elements from beginning
I´ve uninstalled them long time ago but seems that´s one program is left:
Halion sonic Content for Elements, but can it do any harm still beeing there? :wink:

I would like to uninstall Cubase 8,5 but I don´t dare, if there´s going to be some trouble :blush:
because I don´t know what´s program belonging to 8,5, 9 or 9.5

I also have 9 and 9,5
and now waiting for 10

Uninstall using the Windows uninstall feature, then there should be no problems.

Thanks for fast reply :smiley:
I think you mean the same as me:
In windows go to Maps and unistall for example the Map Cubase 8,5

The problem is that´s a lot of apps/program there from Steinberg
and I don´t know that for example Cubase take away them also. :blush:
Example of similar program is:
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE for Cubase LE 2015-10
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE Content 2016-07
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE Component 2018-03
Steinberg Halion Library 2018-03

Steinberg Groove Agent One content 2015-10
Steinberg Groove Agen One Vintage 2015-10
Steinberg Groove Agen SE 64 bit 2016-07
Steinberg Groove Agen SE Acoustic Agent 2017-03
Steinberg Groove Agen SE Allen Morgan 2017-11
Steinberg Groove Agen SE Content 2017-03
Steinberg Groove Agen SE Rock Pop 2017-03

Totally 34 Steinberg Apps from 8,5 9 and 9.5
Not sure if I uninstall 8,5 it also uninstall programs belonging to 8,5.
Obviously it hasn´t been removing Steinberg Sonic SE For Elements 7/8 :confused:

I wouldn’t remove any of those you’ve listed, they’re pretty self explanatory as to what they are, only the content files are large anyway.

If you only uninstall the Cubase programs themselves you’ll be fine, it will not remove any shared content that is used by newer versions.