remove or extend tracking limit

i agree, even if my workflow somewhat different, not that, but every source is different, and every workflow has it’s own signature…
but i use spectralayers pro 6 mainly for sounddesign. but the tracking limit, is for me too limited, but you can of course, extend selections. which also works, but a longer time… 20 minutes is also for me a long time… but longer, would be great as an option.
and yes my samples, from scratch are mainly, not that static, but not thát dynamically, it depends of course. when they aren’t that dynamically, spectralayers is the tool, to experiment to add more tonality.

EDIT: and yes i have also complex samples, longer ones, the tracking limit, i use of course add to selection, but for a faster workflow…
it cost recoursces, enough GB, and scratch drives… but it is for the end result (and i am used to wait for rendering for video…).
but i notice the track limit, cuts me off. as fairlyclose says, i am now used to it, but still, as a possibility? why not.