Remove or increase 32 VCA fader limit in Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro is the most complete version of Cubase available, and yet it has an artificial limit on VCA Faders. 32 is low enough to get in the way.

My suggestion: remove it, or increase the limit to 64 at least.

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    1. , why not 50, would give more room to do what we need to do.

64 is a nicer, rounder number. And more. :wink:

(But I actually think the highest tier software should not have non-technical limits at all.)

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i like 50 better, its a neat number, lol…so do we know why there is a limitation, is it a sales tactic for nuendo, or a true capacity limitation , i wonder.


More information on the same situation here:

Nuendo has the same limitation I’m pretty sure. Consoles are typically made in groups of 8, so 64 makes more sense.

but +1 bumping this.

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256, like the limit for groups. If they can process 256 group tracks, surely they can process 256 VCA Faders ?!? They actually process nothing much but volumes with VCA Faders…

But please, will someone tell us why there is a limit?!? @Matthias_Quellmann ??

32 just definitely does not seem like enough considering Cubase is a program used by many who have a thousand tracks.

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