Remove player with notes crashes VSTAudioEngine

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add player (e.g., Flute)
  • Input notes
  • In Setup, remove player (uncheck) from Full Score layout
  • In Setup, add player (check) to Full Score layout

I didn’t get any notification while in Dorico, but after adding the player back in, the player went gray in the mixer and wouldn’t play back. But the odd thing was that the note preview worked (clicking on note).

I have an VSTAudioEngine5-2023-07-01-120939.ips file that I “sent to Steinberg” but I’ll attach it here as well.
VSTAudioEngine5-2023-07-01-120939.ips (24.2 KB)

I should also add that the player, upon adding it back in, didn’t show up in Play mode (wasn’t listed anymore) but the mixer strip was there but gray.


The crash is in EW Play. Please send the crash log to the support team at EastWest.