Remove Plugin from Memory

To save a lot of memory when we render tracks but want to keep originals, something like Ctrl+Shift plugin could ´bypass´ plugin from memory. It would save every settings, including ´bypass´ and ´active´ so Ctrl+Shift again would restore previous state.

Have you tried the channel / instrument / sampler freeze features? Did these not achieve what you’re looking for?

I’m talking about any plugin, not only instruments.

Yep - you can freeze an audio channel and then bypass the insert processing. Click the Freeze button for the audio track. You can find the button in the track inspector, or you can look at the track controls section and click it there.

You can even freeze external effects. (Note: You must perform the freeze function in realtime.)

There are a number of situations where you can freeze effects (direct offline processing; instrument channels; sampler channels). Take a look at the 1,064-page Operation Manual and search for “freeze” for the details.

Let us know if this doesn’t help.

I know, ultradust. But still not what what I’m requesting. For instance, think of a heavy memory footprint like Amplitube. You render a track, but you still want to edit the guitar sound post amp, still retaining the original plugin so you can recall and tweak amp tone later.

You don’t freeze, you just disable/remove plugin from memory, then you edit the rendered track for further sound shaping. Less steps, and apparently very easy to implement, you just have to keep VST settings. Yes, you can freeze. Just no need for that, saving disk space and time.

I’m not really following. Why not render to a new track and disable plugins with Alt+Shift+Click?

Memory usage!

What memory exactly? Ram, HDD space? Or you mean CPU even? You can’t have your cake and eat it without compromising CPU or ‘memory’ consumption.

Sorry, but you’re wrong. Reaper does it, Samplitude does it (these I know for sure). I’m talking about RAM, they turn the effect ‘offline’ anytime with minimum memory consumption.