remove plugins

So, I have overinstalled plugins and wanted to know the safe way to remove them. My blacklist is huge.

  1. VST2 plugins - Can I jsut delete them from the common file and rescan?

  2. 32 bit - where do these plugins live? I can reinstall and only check 64 bit VST3 (like Dead Duck etc)

Thanks for any help.


  1. Yes, the DLL files.

  2. Cubase 9.5 is 64-bit only. 32-bit plug-ins are ignored/blacklisted automatically. On Windows, every developer can install the plug-ins to any location wants to.

On the Blacklist tab it shows the path to each plug-in’s file, so you can see exactly where they are.

When installing plug-ins often there is no option to not install 32-bit. Just make sure you put them in a location where no 64-bit plug-ins will ever live. Then make sure that path isn’t included in the locations (defined by you) Cubase searches for plug-ins.

In general it is a good idea to only install plugins in one or two locations that you want rather than where each vendor thinks their stuff should go. Most installers seem to remember the new locations after you set them.

Rodger, thanks. That’s a lot of help. Can I keep plugins on my external HDD rather than clutter up my PC? It looks like I can only store 5 locations for plugins? is this so?


Yes, you can install plugins to any drive. But the plug-ins itself are not mostly very big files. The libraries are. So mostly we install the plugins to the predefined folder and the library to some other drive.

No, you can add any number of paths. Just click to the + button and add next path.

thanks again, for AmpliTube 4 I was unable to distinguish between library and dll - so I installed it to my external drive- library was 700 MB. And I cleared my blacklist. For some reason, that makes me really happy.