Remove "recently used" from plug in menus

how does one clear the “recently used” list in the plug in menus? i’ve looked in the manual and also scoured the Mac/Library and preference settings for something that looks related, but have found nothing.

my Montage Output “recently used” folder has two plug ins in it… one i opened by accident and one that i need 100% of the time (dither)… but i’ll often accidentally select the one that’s there that i don’t need and would like to clear the “recent” and start over…


It is not possible, but the more you use new plugins, the more the older are pushed back.

ah, ok, thanks…

yeah, the only plug i plan on EVER using here is the DITHER… so, having that extra, accidental plug in the recent list is bugging the crap out of me :slight_smile:

Then you can delete this setting file:
Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Cache\lru_plugins.txt