remove "record enabled" from multiple tracks


I have very large orchestra template.
If I want to record the same melody for several tracks I just click “record” button on each track and record.
But then if I want to record another midi I have to go through all my template and un-click record button… And this is very unhandly. Maybe there is a shortcut for that? I am under mac.

Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

You can use a Project Logical editor:
Filter Target:
Media Type is | Equal | MIDI

Action Target:
Track Operation | Record | Disable


See attached screenshot.

Save this as a preset. You can also assign a Key Command. While firing the Key Command, all Record Enable will be disabled at all MIDI and Instrument tracks.

You can use folders, folders have a record button, works for all tracks that are in the folder. For exammple I have an “ALL” folder, in there a “drums” folder, “Instruments”, “vocals”, “percussion” etc.

if there is no record button on your folders: you can change that using the small settings button on the bottom of your track list

What?!.. There is not a simple way to do that in such modern DAW?.. This is quite big surprise for me…
But thank you very much, I will try to use this way…

@Steinberg, if you guys read it… I have no words…

As said in an earlier post, just put all the tracks you want to record in a folder and then set the Folder record on/off, I do this all the time!

Select the desired tracks and [shift]+[Alt] click.


Yeah, but the selecting of the tracks takes the same time, as the clicking to the Record Enable button itself (if it’s not simple series of the tracks).

If it is a series of tracks it takes a lot less time, though. Hence my post.
It´s not that the OP is forced to do it that way…

One more time. If you create a folder with ALL tracks in it, you can use the record button of that folder to activate ( or deactivate, just push it twice) all tracks at once.
And if you create folders for all tracks
you want to record enable in one go it just works the same. Use folders.