Remove rests, but keep 16th note beaming / stemlets

I notate these rather finicky interlocking parts (two parts on one stave). It’s much cleaner to remove rests, given that when it is played there will be no silence. However, when I remove rests and then re-beam into quarter note groups, Dorico beams over the rest (which I have asked it to), making it look like a triplet rather than a group of 4 (see attached screenshot). But ideally I want it to still show the missing rest as a stemlet, but without the rest being there, or alternatively at least a break in the beam to show that there is still something there (apart from the purely visual thing of seeing that the other part slots in). Any workarounds?
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.30.43 am

Could you scale the rests to 1% and/or change them to transparent?

Just tried scaling, and unfortunately it scales the stemlet along with the rest, so the stemlet disappears too. But changing them to transparent seems to work!