Remove Rests command "hidden" in the Edit menu

I could not find how to hide rests in a glissando piano passage, and not in a polyphonic structure (for which the hide rest is well documented). Then I found that the command “Remove Rests” lives in the Edit menu. I believe it is likely to be expected in the contextual menu when right clicking on the items to remove.

If you use Remove Rests often (as I do) just assign a keycommand and then you’ll never have to hunt through the menu.

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Thank you, I do plan to do that. My intention was to inform the “team” that probably the most likely place where to find such command is in the right click menu.

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I don’t know why the word team warrants scare quotes. We are genuinely a team!

Thanks for the feedback. We can’t practically duplicate the whole of the Edit menu in the context menu, but I’ll certainly consider this.

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They are quotes of appreciation! This team managed to come out with a music engraving app that puts me at ease.