''Remove rests''/''End&Start voice'' don't work with multi-line perc and condensed Instruments

I seem to be unable to remove the rests in this conga part. I have used both Edit->Remove rests and the Ends Voice option (as shown in the screenshot) with no effect. Not sure if I am missing something. Either of the two features works with the single percussion instruments used.

In Dorico 3.5, Remove Rests doesn’t work on percussion kit staves I’m afraid. This was added to Dorico 4, though, if that’s any help.

Thank you Lillie, is this the same with condensed groups? In Write/uncondensed mode the rests disappear with either of the two aforementioned methods, but in Engrave/condensed mode they don’t and are not selectable.

Rests on condensed staves are a bit different, that’s right - they don’t behave like rests on uncondensed staves.

If you’re removing rests because you don’t want to see bar rests in empty bars, there’s a layout option for that: Hiding/Showing bar rests in empty bars

I suspect you might be able to fudge your way around it by sticking that first beat crotchet/quarter inside a tuplet that takes up the rest of the bar, e.g. if the next barline is 48 crotchets/quarters later, you could use a 1:48q tuplet, then hide the bracket and number from the properties panel.

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I see, so there isn’t a way to do this for specific bars, it’s either for all of them or none of them?

That worked great, thanks! Only the first bar has that issue for the congas now… Definitely looks much cleaner already though!