Remove rests in some instruments

I’m unable to remove rests in the three percussion instruments – modeled off congas – notated in the attached project. I can remove the rest in the clave, but not the other three instruments. When I’ve done this before with a voices I don’t have this issue, and it also doesn’t seem to be related to the pick-up bar.

Is there a way to remove the three dotted-quarter rests from the pick-up bar for those instruments that have no notes to play?

Thanks in advance.

20210406-remove-rest-problem.dorico (571.0 KB)

Officially, no, you cannot delete percussion rests. See Deleting rests

Unofficially, you could put a note in there, scale it to 1%, color it white and suppress playback. That’s basically your best bet for the time being.

The development team have said they intend to address percussion rests in the next major version cycle.

Percussions are a totally different beast than pitched voices. They are a kind of blue print of what condensed staves have become. Dorico 4 should let you handle rests in percussion staves (that is what I understood from Daniel’s statement about D4) but in the meantime you must cope with adding extra voices (context menu > Percussion) to avoid rests.
Hope it helps!

Thanks for the replies. Hopefully it’s fixed in D4!