Remove Rests on iPad

I apologize if this has been discussed. I searched but couldn’t find anything related: how do I “Remove Rests" as is found in the full version of Dorico? When using multiple voices, that menu item does the trick but I can’t find it in the iPad version.

I don’t know the direct answer but in any case you should be able to set the „start voice“ and „end voice“ properties in the properties panel (which remove rests would do for you automatically)

Remove Rests isn’t currently included in the context menu on the secondary toolbar, but I’ll add that in a future version. Thanks for the feedback!


Is this addressed already? The documentation mentions this but I cannot find it anywhere: Deleting rests

I’m afraid I don’t think it is addressed in the current iPad version, no, but a new update will be coming early next year either at the same time as or shortly after Dorico 4, so there is not too much longer to wait for a new version with a number of changes.

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