Remove rests on single voice

I’m doing a lot of MusicXML Import into Dorico and always end up with a lot of explicit rests. After reading the latest blog post, where Daniel wrote:

All of this can be a little confusing, however, so Dorico 1.0.30 introduces a new Edit > Remove Rests command, which figures out which notes should have which properties set, removes any explicit rests that need to be removed, and so on.

I was hoping, that I can use this feature to remove explicit rests on a single voice as well. Unfortunately “Remove Rests” will just do what it’s called and removes all rests und you will be left with blank gaps. Any other new tricks or do I just have to wait for the MusicXML Import options, which Daniel presented here:

Music XML Import.PNG.jpg

It will not remove all resist if you don’t want it to. You can select any rest and remove it.

There’s no quick way to turn all explicit rests into implicit ones, I’m afraid. But most of the time you shouldn’t need to in any case.