Remove staff option

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a question , can you remove staffs from scores ? I mean I know that you can use that function for Ossia and Divisi but just normal scores , Imagine a string quartet and you want bar 22 till 24 of Viola to be deleted just empty space .


Dan, I think Homayoon is asking for what (apparently) is called a cut-away score, where instruments can show up or disappear in the middle of a system. As far as I know, Dorico will only hide staves if the whole system is empty for that player — and provided you switch it on in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide empty staves. Cut-away scores are on many people’s wish list. I’m sure this feature will eventually be implemented beautifully.

@Dan Thanks for the reply but @peter is right :slight_smile: thats what I meant .