Remove Tacet Al Fine (sorry, need for speed)

Hi! Sorry, no time to search the forum. I have to finish my arrangement for 12:00.
Some parts have rest in the last measure. How can I remove the Tacet Al Fine for that measure?
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-09 om 11.05.15.png

enter a piece of text in the last bar (Shift-X) e.g. 2 spaces …?

Have a look at this topic - it is an “Engraving Option”. See picture “rests.png” in this topic.

Sorry I can’t get grip of it in the Engraving Options. I have now insert a piece of text for today. Thanks!

The option to show the actual number of bars rather than Tacet al fine should be straight forward… I suggested the text “trick” because I thought you might want to override the default for a single part only, anyways, glad you solved it :slight_smile: