Remove the extra symbol on Chord Track entries

When using Audio to Chords, which is great, Cubase puts little audio icons on the chords. The manual states these are to show which chords are generated. It would be beneficial if they could be disabled or removed entirely. They don’t really fill a good function because:

  • The chord track is hard to read zoomed out, more noise on the chords is not useful.
  • They serve no communicative need to the user as chords generated from audio have no difference in function to user generated chords.
  • They make chords look like #-chords when viewed in larger projects / zoomed out.
  • They serve to confuse new users as the icon is a waveform which is iconography carrying other meanings in Cubase.


Sorry, they can’t. The only way would be to overwrite the Chord Symbol manually.

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This will work (although I personally lean towards the lazier ‘ignore it’):

  1. After the Audio is converted to Chords drag those Chords onto an Instrument/MIDI Track which creates MIDI Parts with the Chord Notes in them.
  2. Create a New Version (empty) on your Chord Track
  3. Drag the recently created MIDI Parts onto the Chord Track to create new Chord Events from the MIDI and not Audio
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Thanks @raino! I’ll try this! :pray:

Thanks for the tip on removing them via an extra track. I find those extra symbols pretty annoying once I have skimmed through them for accuracy and it seems it would be simple enough to add an option to remove them.