Remove the Mac-style menu bar on PC

really don’t like the mac style menu bar, obscures common windows icons and cant be moved

Agreed, I doubt i would have noticed this on my iMac but on the PC it gives me the S#*ts.

Agree +1

Yes please remove it, I hate it so much. I have a 32:9 monitor, and if I want to have the arrangerwindow in the middle, I have to have this extra superugly titlemenu across the whole screen. Takes up space and it looks like sh*t…

Yeah it’s pretty much the worst. Hopefully there is a significant gui overhaul coming soon that will address some of the jank.

This is so annoying.

I never understood the purpose and I am not a fan.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the problem with the menuBar? Maybe we’re talking about the toolBar here?

Because it sits there at the top of the Desktop, detached from anything, unlike any other Windows program I’ve ever encountered. If it were integrated into the Project Window, that would be more standard.

And it is especially annoying on multi-monitor systems


I use most programs in full screen mode, and I auto-hide the taskbar. Mixer on the left display, main edit area on the front. At that point, the difference to a “native” menu bar isn’t really noticeable.

I’m actually surprised that someone would spend significant time in a DAW and NOT be in full screen mode. All those pixels are needed!


Yes, I now see it. Never really noticed this one, since I’m always in maximised mode as @jwatte said.

I initially thought that this is just another MDI design, but this is not the case, you are correct!

On the other hand, since we can have multiple projects open, one can expect a universal taskBar, instead of one for each project, since there are universal functions involved.

So, I have to guess that there could be a per project menuBar containing the functions for the project, and another one, the “main”, for containing these universal functions. Now, this one, the main, could be hidden by just minimising it or even a right-click option to completely hide it, and restored by for example right clicking on any project window bar and selecting something like “restore menuBar”.

Anyway, I do get the point here :slight_smile:

This is actually very easy. Just steal the functionality from just about any other modern application. Here’s an example from Affinity Photo (it’s the same in eg. Photoshop): One surrounding application window (maximised or windowed), one or more documents that can be either tabbed or floating. Simple.


Generally I am using full screen - but with 4 monitors things can get a bit more complex. I typically use the monitor that has the Cubase bar for odds & ends Windows - like Channel Settings or plug-in GUIs. Like This

Indeed. Someone above pointed out that if you extend a Window across 2 monitors and one of those monitors has the Cubase Menu bar on it, then you will have an unusable strip at the top of the other monitor. Like this.

That’s a good point! Maybe a spot to put the otherwise not heavily used Windows Taskbar, with minimized icons :slight_smile:

Note that this is fixed in Cubase 13!! They even call it out on the features page.

Better Windows handling…


Cubase now features Windows-compliant multi-window handling.