Remove Track crashes Cubase 6 PC

This stated happening recently without having made any changes to my system except MS Windows Updates.
System: Win 7 Ultimate, Cubase 6, Presonus Firestudio, i5 CPU/4GB RAM/32-bit, all drivers up to date.

Repro Steps:

  1. Create EMPTY project
  2. Add Instrument Track w/ Steinberg Monologue (repros with any other VSTi)
  3. Remove Track
    CRASH: “A serious Problem Has Occured”

Cubase becomes unresponsive to keyboard commands and mouse clicks.

Anyone else seen this?
Cubase6.LOG (4.95 KB)

I couldn’t reproduce this on my system.

W7x64 (Home Premium)
i7 930 2.8
12Gb Ram

I can’t reproduce this either.


I also cannot reproduce it. Please try it again with fresh preferences, and please be also sure that you use the latest drivers for your audio hardware.