Remove tracks in mixer window

Being able to remove tracks in the mixer window as well the project windowwould be a great help. I’ve never understood why this is not possible.

Hej Jim
This is already possible -
Just activate “Sync MixConsole and Project” :wink:

  • Bo

No. That will sync the MixConsole & Project windows when you make a Track Visible or not. But it doesn’t let you remove (i.e. delete) a Track from the MixConsole. Which yes we should be able to do.

Hi , same problem her , i cannot delete, erase remove or get rid of an audio track in cubase, the Shift + delete key command is greyed out
when i select an audio track. Just cannot find any answer for a such simple task , very frustrating.

You need to select the Track you want to delete in the Project window not in the MixConsole