Remove Unavailable from Collection Cleared All Plugins

I found a pretty nasty bug. I uninstalled a plugin and then used the “Remove Unavailable Plugins from All Collections” function in the Plug-in Manager. Suddenly all the plugins disappeared from my collection. Thankfully I was able to recover from my 9.5 PluginManager.xml file, but new users may not have that luxury.

Steinberg, have you been able to reproduce? Is anyone else having this problem? Is it listed as a bug to be fixed in a Cubase 10 update? Anything? This was not a quirk, this happens every time in every circumstance. I am having to backup the PluginManager.xml file so I can restore after I test it.

Confirmed here. Happened to me the other day, in a situation similar to what you described. I also had to copy the PlugInManager.xml from the Cubase 9.5 folder. A really nasty bug.

What would be useful is a step by step repro, to remove ambiguity from the report. Or, report it in a support request.

It’s a very simple repro, just use the function “Remove Unavailable Plugins from All Collections”. All plugins will then be removed from a custom collection.

I too can confirm this bug. It ever does it to the default collection.

Yep it’s got rid of every single plugin (all custom folders as well as all plugins in the default folder)
I’ve written a support ticket to steinberg

This appears to be fixed in 10.0.15!