Remove unavalible plugins in Plugin Manager

Was attempting to tidy my plugin in folders up in the VST Plugin Manager when I found the innocent looking menu item, Remove Unavailable Plugins from All Collections… Sounds good you would think… :astonished: Well it don’t, it just removes all plugins…! Beware…

I had to start all over again :angry:


Sorry to hear. I had the same thing happen to me. I posted about it but it fell down the ranks pretty quickly so sorry you didn’t see my warning.

That really was a rude shock when everything disappeared.

Thanks, in the grand scheme of things was not a disaster but these days I have quite a few plugins and was more a serious irritation than anything. That’s the problem with active forums they do head down the list pretty quickly, let’s hope together we at least spare someone else the same irritation…

+1! Did I misunderstand this function?

I just went through and cleaned up my plugins. Apparently, the only thing you can do is hide them with the plugin manager. The good thing is that you can highlight multiple plugs and hide all at once.

This stupid thing…

@jaslan well I kind of thought Remove UNAVALIBLE would mean exactly that, but to remove all of them…! thats a bug or a very badly described function.

I think it’s unused vs. unavailable… Maaybe unavailable means Cubase can no longer find it. Like it was uninstalled or the .dll file was moved?

Thats what I took it to mean as well, but it just removes them all from any lists you have created.

I have Cubase 10 Pro version , but just got the same issue.
ALL plugins from manager removed …