"remove unused audio" missing options in Pool

Ever since I moved to Nuendo from Cubase a few years back the pool has changed. There’s supposed to be a “remove unused audio” button or option somewhere, but I can’t find it. Has anyone got a workaround or explanation?

Still there.
Right-click in the audio pool.
Should be in the menu.

Screenshot 2023-05-02 143132
This is a screenshot of the pool, if necessary

Screenshot 2023-05-02 143308
It’s not there for me

There’s a lot of options missing for me. I don’t know why

Make sure you are not accidentally selecting an audio file… only the audio folder.

Huh. My pull down menu looks exactly the same as Fredo’s. Yours seems to be missing everything but the last three options and I have no idea why.
Have you ever tried starting Nuendo in safe mode, just to see if there’s a problem with preferences?