"Remove unused data" for the folder instead of for the current project?

Hi, all!

I love to keep my project folder clean and reduce the RAM load( BTW, does the “unused data” take up RAM space?).

Let’s say I have “Mixing 1.cpr” and “Mixing 2.cpr” inside the folder “XXXX Mixing”.
In"Mixing 1.cpr" there is a guitar audio event;
In"Mixing 2.cpr" the guitar is deleted;

If I “remove unused data”, then “Empty Trash” in “Mixing 2.cpr”, the guitar audio event is gone in “Mixing 1.cpr” since they share the same AUDIO folder.

Now, is there a way to safely “remove unused data” and “Empty Trash” without messing up the other projects inside the same folder? Something like a “remove unused data - Global”?


No, but I wish there was.
One workaround is to use “Back up Project” with “Remove Unused Files” for each project. (I prefer to have the “Minimize Audio Files” ticked as well.) Then you should be able to safely remove the original folder.

Yeah, wish they could add this in the future… Cubase 14 maybe? Hehe.

Thank you mlib!

Just imagine how this would have to be done:
Either Cubase keeps a database on which project uses exactly which audio files
or Cubase needs to write a meta information into every audio file when it is being used in a project and then regularly check, which of these projects does not exist anymore on the hard drive, non-connected external drives and network/cloud drives (connected or non-connected).
Sounds like a big pile of “no, thank you” to me.

Or… when such a function is invoked, Cubase scans the project files in a given folder and determines what audio files they use.
That’s a big “yes, please” from me.