Remove UR44 project templates once and for all

How on earth can I permanently remove all the project templates from my Steinberg hub, which come with the installation of the UR44 audio interface?
I tried to delete them manually but everytime I start Cubase they are in the Hub again!
I won´t ever use any of them because I have my own custom templates.

And why is it still impossible to delete more than one project from the last project list at once?!

How did you try to delete them, I seem to be able to do so using File Manager?

yes, with the file manager (windows 10 explorer).
I can delete them, but they are always there when I close Cubase and start it again.

How strange…they don’t come back on my system.

Where are you deleting them from? I seem to recall that that some of these files are kept in two places (on some systems, which may be depending on how you installed it in the first place).

This is the path when I right-click a UR44 template in the hub:
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Project Templates

And this are the templates:
Steinberg UR44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 1
Steinberg UR44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 1-C7
Steinberg UR44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 2
Steinberg UR44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 2-C7
Steinberg UR44 multi channel recording
Steinberg UR44 multi channel recording-C7
Steinberg UR44 stereo recording
Steinberg UR44 stereo recording-C7
Steinberg UR44 Vocal-Inst Recording 1
Steinberg UR44 Vocal-Inst Recording 1-C7
Steinberg UR44 Vocal-Inst Recording 2
Steinberg UR44 Vocal-Inst Recording 2-C7

You can´t delete them permanently. Everytime I restart Cubase 9/9.5 they are in the hub again.
This is so frustrating! You can even see the installer running in the background and place them in the path above.

Just search the HD for “Steinberg UR44 Guitar-Vocal Recording 1”

For what?!
I know where the files are, see my post above

Which is clearly the problem…I’d be looking at how to stop that but it depends on how happy you are at digging into files.

I´m sorry but I don´t understand. It´s obviously a bug in the installer, Steinberg or yamaha drivers, or even a Cubase issue.
Could someone from Steinberg staff please support?

It may be a bug in the installer/drivers or Cubase but it may just be on your system or something specific about your system or installation. Not an issue I’ve seen reported before (FWIW).

I’d suggest putting in a Support request via your MySteinberg account if that’s the way you want to go…