Remove vst from rack after midi file import

can anyone tell me how on earth I remove vst instrumenst added after a midi file import ? Each time I import a midi file, cubase creates a halion sonic vst in the rack. There is no way I can see to remove them ! Ive tried the “no VST instrument” option that doesnt work. I decided to delete the imported midi file tracks but theres no way to delete the associated vst’s !

Have you changed the setting in the Preferences already?

I’m having the same problem. My thread is “How do I remove Halion Sonic from project.” I just checked my dropdown box and it is set to instrument tracks. I changed it to MIDI tracks and it still will not allow the remove of the tracks and the folder. I’m on M1 Mac, maybe it’s an apple silicon issue, what system are you running?

I had a similar problem. Open the right zone. In the right zone, GO to the VSTi tab. If there is an instance of a VSTi, beside the word “RACK” is a triangle that when you click it… has the option of “No VST instrument”. Clicking this did not delete the HALion Sonic SE for me… Click inside the vst-i name box (where it says - HALion Sonic SE), change that to “NO VST instrument.” See if that does the trick. It’s like in ProTools, to delete an insert, change it to NO INSERT. In this case, it is finding the correct place to click and change it.