remove VST instrument/mediabay


nuendo 7 = how do you remove the vst instruments / mediabay pannels on the right hand ? :confused:

answer = i don’t know but if you go Workspaces / Editing HD
then it will remove it. just close the windows you don’t use, go back full screen and save this workspace.

By default, ALT+T will toggle this panel’s visibility here in Cubase Pro 8 - give it a try… :slight_smile:


thx ! Alt+T works

by any chance do you know how to “always on top” the mix windows ?
for some reason i can find it for the VST window but not for the mix window.

Click on the Instrument name in the Rack, and select “No Instrument”. Or “No Effect”

@ sgodzillat - look here:- N7 Mixer "Always On Top"?? - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

thx all :wink: works fine