remove VST picture?

Is there any way to remove the picture after using the picture tool on a VST effect/instrument?


Did the VST not smile?

You can press the button in the browser to turn pictures off entirely. Don’t think you can remove just one, but why would you want to? You could also always take a different snapshot of that same plugin.

Good question. The reason I want to is because I have vst2 and vst3 versions of the same plugin, and want to assign the picture to all vst3 ones so in cases where I have duplicate plugins (one vst2 and the other vst3) I have a quick visual cue for the one I want.

Why not go into the plugin manager and disable the VST 2 duplicates?

good suggestion, but I don’t do that because some plugin makers have vst3 versions that are released but not yet fully functional as the vst2 versions.

Perhaps remove the image where it is stored. On mac it’s in documents then something like vst photos. ( not on my computer at the moment )

Great I’ll try that. Thanks James

On Windows it’s C:\Users\Me\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails

can confirm on mac it’s

Documents>Steinberg>VST Thumbnails

That “feature” maybe in C10.5 for 49Eur

apologize for my sarcasm, but this is what I call “bad or partial implementation”, good idea bad implementation
some thumbnails are going to be huge and than you think “how can I turn this off…”

But you can turn it off by disabling all thumbnails. Having just some on and others off looks terrible and wastes unnecessary space. For 90% of users, they’ll either want it on or off. Might there be some instances, like here, where there is a use case for being able to remove just one thumbnail? Sure. But it’s the exception and not the rule.

yea, also you can hide right panel too and forget about this so-called feature

and again and again…