Removed fonts show up in Engrave > Music Fonts

From my Finale days, I had several Finale Fonts installed. Some days ago, I removed all of them. But they still show up in th Music Fonts list under Engrave.

How can I delete them? There must be a corresponding old file somewhere in the Library.

The long ist is not really a problem, it’s just annoying.

Thanks for your help.


If you’re on Macintosh, open the Font Book app and remove them there if necessary. Otherwise, quit Dorico and restart.

It may be that the metadata files are still lurking in /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts. You can delete the folders for any of the fonts you’re no longer interested in seeing listed in the Music Fonts dialog in Dorico.

Thanks Daniel, yep, that did the trick.

@notesetter: I removed the Fonts in the Font Book, but for some reason the files still showed up in the (root, not the User) Library, as Daniel wrote.