Removed VST Plug-ins still show inside Cubase 9

I completely removed Cytomic’s “The Glue” and the NI “Solid Mix Series” from my Macbook, and yet the paths still exist. When I click them the program promptly shuts down.
If I go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST there’s nothing visible at all.
I can obviously deactivate the plugins in the manager and I won’t have to see them, but I feel like this is treating the symptom instead of the cause.

Any ideas? :blush:

When you use your own plugin collections you have to delete it again.
If you use the standard (not custom) Pluginmenu it gets removed after uninstalling

Sorry, I don’t really understand. :question:
I removed the plugins and they’re still in the standard plugin menu.

I have the same issue: After removing plugins through windows 10, Cubase / Nuendo still shows them in the VST Plug-in Manager. When I try to select them in the insert nothing happens, obviously since I removed them. When I click on “Rescan All” it doesnt recognise the removed plugin. When I click on “Update Information on all Plugins” same.