Yes please I’ve been asking for this one for years, so hard to know what is selected, I use a lot of red in my projects.
Also, Cubase gives you the choice to modify the lightness of Midi CCs in the display, Nuendo CCs are black which makes it hard to see with hundred of midi tracks.
It’s a big improvement but I still think Cubase 10 looks better.


+1 Always hard to see what is selected - please make it where the whole object gets marked, not just an outline. Coming from Cubase, it’s frustrating to not hav the option to have selections looks along the lines of the way they do in Cubase.

I thought that Steinberg would sort that out after they recently lured Cubase Users into Nuendo World with cheap crossgrade prices.

There were several posts in Nuendo 8 Forum requesting this option

The preferences for event display in Cubase are very extensive while really limited in Nuendo, which is sold for the price almost twice as high as Cubase. I would expect exactly the opposite.
Compare Here

Nuendo should have the most expansive options for event displays and additionally offer all the options for event display Cubase has
PLUS the option for cubase-style selection for the former Cubase Users.


Next update will have many display changes/preferences/tweaking possibilities.


These are great news!!! Thank you.
Will it be possible to turn off the gradient in the events?



Hoping the next update brings Cubase-style highlighting.

It seems after getting the big features out of the way for N10, Steinberg doubles down on the smaller tweaks for the UI. Here, Fredo said they’re adding prefs and tweaking options for the UI, in another post they’re improving the layout of the export dialog. It’s really great to hear that they’re working on so many things UI related. Really really good to hear and I hope this is the beginning of a journey with N10 and they keep improving those dark corners of the UI that were untouched for so long.

Not seeing any options or changes in 10.1 for the selected region color a la Cubase. Have I missed something?


I wonder the same. I still see that red line surrounding the clips.