Removing "60s Guitar" VST

Every time I open Cubase Elements I get a message about having software that is not registered or the trial period has expired. The only item is “60’s Guitar”. I’ve searched my computer, used all the Cubase Elements managers that I am aware of and I can not find this VST to delete it and prevent that pesky notice that halts Cubase from running.

I have the same issue. Anyone want to weigh in?

I have the same problem. First I have “HalionSonic 01”, it´s been there for three years now.
After demoing Groove Agent 5, I have additional eight rows of “expired trial period ended”.
There are more posts on this subject on the forum.

The methods given to solve this doesn´t work.

It´s very annoying.

I reinstalled the vst that contained the '60’s guitar, then removed the vst using Steinberg Library Manager. It worked, I no longer get the message.

I was having the same problem with Halion SE. I can not install the latest update. I’ve tried 2 or 3 times. I have to uninstall Cubase and any Halion apps. Then reinstall Cubase up to 10.5.1x (10.5.2x creates access violations.)