Removing "A Cubase Pro Project By..."

When I have multiple projects open and access the Windows menu to switch between them, my project names have the prefix of “A Cubase Pro Project by - Author Name - [Name Of Project]” (wording may be slightly different but that’s the idea).

I can shorten this slightly by deleting the author name in the project settings, but I still end up with a long, common prefix to my project names, and that often results in truncating the project name itself. If I have songs named A, B and C, when I view the Windows I just want to see A, B and C without the clutter of the prefix.

I can’t find anything in preferences or project settings, either in the manual or the app, that addresses this. Does someone know how to turn the prefix off?


Am I the only one who sees this prefix?

That’s how they are…it’s a window management tool rather than a project switching tool so it prefixes the project with the type of window… “Cubase Project Pro” or “MixConsole” for example.
Then there are sub project windows prefix such as “Key Editor” though this is followed by track name not project name.
Other Windows such as Plugin Manager are prefix only…no project name after it (but I guess it can only belong to the active project)

None of which helps you much other than knowing that you’re not the only one seeing them and that no, you can’t get rid of them. Maybe you could submit a feature request for a simple project activation switching menu.

Well, at least I know I’m not hallucinating. Much.

Not terribly useful as a feature when you have four projects open and all the windows say, “A Cubase Pro Project by - Chri…”

As for feature requests, the things that make it into a new release are the things that help sell the program. Doubt this would qualify.