Removing a final rest in an open meter

I am working on an idea that requires the use of open meter. I made one example, and copied it 3 additional times (4 total).

I edited some of the notes values using the insert command. However, on one of the four examples, Dorico added a half rest at the end. I cannot seem to find a way to delete this rest. Any suggestions?
Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 3.28.08 PM.png

Try Write > Trim Flow.

Genius!!! I tried everything, but that. You, sir, are a rock star! Thanks!!!


Can I just add how great it is to be able to work/notate in open meter? I have a number of pieces that require this, and hoops one had to jump through to get it to work in - ahem - other programs made me often think of doing them by hand. This is such a great feature!