Removing all end voice tags

I imported an XML into Dorico and, for some reason, often when a voice has rests, the import process has inserted a voice end tag at the last note. This means that I have to look through the score carefully to check for missing rests. These can be difficult to spot and unfortunately I keep discovering them. Is there a way to select a voice, staff or, preferably, an entire document and either to remove all end voice tags in one go or to check for missing rests?

Select a single note, Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A repeatedly until all the notes in the flow are selected. Then turn off the Starts Voice and Ends Voice properties.
Or if there are lots of instruments in the flow, Select All, Filter Notes and Chords, set Filter to Deselect, Filter Deselect Tuplets, then turn off the Starts Voice and Ends Voice properties.

I have a feeling these are dependent on the Rest Visibility tickbox in Preferences > MusicXML Import. Try unticking that, then Apply and close, then import the MusicXML again.

Thank you on both counts, Leo!