Removing an ledger line 'orphaned' after moving a rest

I moved the red (see the attached picture) rest downwards, but ‘its’ ledger line (yellow in the picture) stayed there :slight_smile: I’d like to remove it, but I don’t know how. (There seems to be no object that I can select whose properties list would include this ledger line.) Any pointers?

edit: I’m in the Engrave mode.

2020-12-11 (2)

This is super weird… How did you move the rest ? There’s a property where you can move it downwards (0 is the middle position, negative is downwards, positive upwards, it looks like -3 should be ok here). Did you use that ?

Thanks! I did use the ‘offset’ property and set the Y offset to -4.

Try with the rest pos. property. It should work fine, since it’s the right tool.

The other thing to try is quitting and reopening Dorico. Every once in a blue moon there are odd rendering issues that are resolved when a project is opened up fresh.

THANK YOU! I completely missed the ‘rest pos.’ property. I thought that since the ‘Y offset’ property changes the vertical positioning of the rest, it’s the one to be used here. Thanks again!

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