Removing Audio events from project window but not audio pool?

Hi all, Cubase 11 user.

I track multiple synths into cubase tracks via the project window, but sometimes I do not want to use some of those audio parts right away, instead of leaving them on the track lanes within the main project window which gets cluttered quickly when multi-tracking/semi-arranging, is there a way I can remove them from the project window but keep them in the pool?

When I erase[tool] or delete them from the project window they also delete from the pool?

Yet the pool seems to support the opposite way of working in a sense, ie I can import media into the pool and have it sit there until I want to use it then drag it to the project window but not the other way round?

Seems counter intuitive.

  • Any advice on this specifically?
  • Or perhaps my expectations are incorrect and I should be using an alternative method for this kind of workflow, so any tips on that too welcomed.


The deleted audio is moved to the trash in the pool.
If you need the deleted files, you can move them back to the audio folder or keep them in the trash.

Not exactly sure whether that helps your workflow, but another possibility could maybe be using track versions? Having one track version with all your events, which you can then copy to a new track version and thin out?
Or just use a dedicated audio track as a kind of container for everything you do not use at the moment, and then hide the track.

I just noticed that the delete operations behave differently on imported audio file and recorded audio events. With recorded events, if I delete them (or the last reference in the project), it moves them to the trash automatically. Imported events don’t ever get moved to the trash. Interesting.

Still, as st10ss wrote, all audio files remain in the pool unless you explicitly delete them from there.

Given your use case, you might also want to disable and hide the tracks with the audio files that you don’t want to use just yet. That way everything (the audio files, the track settings etc.) is kept, but it disappears from the project window for an uncluttered view.

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