Removing barline in one instrument/part only

I have an ensemble playing in a set meter and with barlines. However, I want one instrument to play and repeat one melody continuously in a tempo of their own choosing. This melody does not fit in a single 4/4 measure, which the music is written in. What I’d like to do it write this melody in this specific instrument once, with no barlines breaking the melody up. However, I’m only able to remove the barlines for the entire ensemble, not a specific instrument. How would I be able to achieve my desired result?

You could put an open meter for that instrument only. Put the caret at the beginning of this part, shift M, open, alt enter. Done.

That works perfectly, thank you! I didn’t know about the alt+enter technique, I suppose that adding the alt makes it part-specific instead of global?

Absolutely. It works for time signatures, key signatures, chord symbols, etc…