Removing barlines on vocal staves

Is there a bug that won’t let me remove barlines across a vocal group?
[Engrave Options > Barlines > Barline Joins - change setting to ‘break barlines between staves (ie exactly as per example)’]

Or am I doing something wrong as a newbie?

If you’ve set up a vocal group using vocal staves, barlines will be broken between staves by default. But you can change/override this with the setting you mention…

Thanks, but the override doesn’t work. That’s my question. Is there a bug? I imported an XML file from Symphony Pro (iPad app).

Try ctrl-A to select all, then do edit>reset appearance and then edit>reset position. See if that helps. xmls do come with all sorts of formatting overrides

What Claude suggests is a good idea… however, it might be that Dorico doesn’t see the Xml staves as vocal staves. In SETUP mode click on the > on each player on the left hand side, then click on its instrument and select Change Instrument and set them to Vocal staves (Singers category) and the balines should break automatically…

Bravo @fratveno - that works perfectly. You’ve saved me a lot of time! Thank you, sir, for your swift response.