Removing bars from numbering

Is there a way to remove numbering from a series of bars at once? If I try to apply a bar number change to a number of bars, it applies only to the first, and I have to repeat this action for every bar. In the manual it says that if you want to delete a bar number change, just select it and delete it, but there isn’t any flag for this change and I have to select Add bar number change and select Primary. Is this correct?

Another strange phenomenon: if I choose not to show a bar number, if there’s also a hidden time signature for this bar, the flag for this disappears. This isn’t OK! If I need to change the time signature, there’s no way to select it.

Unfortunately in general when you create an item, it will only be created at the first selected position: Dorico won’t automatically create bar number changes at every barline in the selection. So yes, you do have to create them manually.

I know in Finale you have the concept of “measure number regions”, and that’s not a concept that Dorico has. I’m curious what your requirement is here: why do these bars not require numbering?

I have to chime in here and say that Finale’s “exclude numbering” is an unmitigated disaster. I can’t tell you the number of times it’s screwed me up, because the properties of measure regions are dependent on their numerical identification.

Thank you for NOT implementing something similar. Just my two cents - sorry Vaughan. :wink:

Thanks for the replies. You’re right, Dan, until the most recent version of Finale when it was fixed, excluding bar numbers would create problems if you had View Defined Measure Numbers selected. There were ways around that, though, like Show Actual Measure Numbers; then you wouldn’t have that problem.

Don’t flows usually start a kind of new numbering regions? I remember having to edit the first bar of a new flow so as to continue on from the numbering of the previous flow.

Perhaps it has something to do with XML import, but in the project I’m working on now I have a number of upbeat bars which are still numbered but shouldn’t be. Also, before I bit the bullet and separated all the recits into flows, the bars of these recits were counted, which wouldn’t have make any sense to the instrumentalists. Since the recit bars could be anywhere from 7 eighth notes long up to 40 eighths, knowing the number of bars in the recits would only have been confusing. I excluded these from numbering one by one, not only because they didn’t make sense to the instrumentalists, but also because I didn’t need them showing up for the singers and the pianist, either. Or perhaps I went about this incorrectly…

XML can absolutely cause a problem with bar numbers. Usually I can fix that by selecting the first clef at the beginning and deleting it.

Yes, I’ve learned that. Sometimes I’ve also had to delete and re-enter the time and key signatures.