Removing blue shade from arrange window?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to ask such a menial question when we are all playing excitedly with channel strips and ASIO-guard and new mixers… but I’m trying to work out how to get rid of the horrible blue hue of the arrange window background.

I have played with all the settings - just hoping to make it a grey colour rather than the pale blue that is on offer.

Would love some advice on how to do this (I suspect it’s not possible, and that you can only lighten or darken the arrange window).

Cheers and thanks,

This is from C6 but its basically the same in C7 go to Preferences - Appearance

Thanks for the reply, Stealth!

I’ve tried all these settings, but don’t seem to be able to change the arrange window’s background colour!

In C6 and C6.5 it was easy to do, but in C7 it seems to insist on being pale blue!


pale blue is the cycle part
you cannot change that I think

Really? I have C7 looking exactly the same way I had C6 setup with everything grey… just like this:

You can change cycle colour too. All at the same place in preferences

No, it’s not ! The first one (‘Appearance-General’)’ is less detailed and, worse, the second one doesn’t exist anymore, though described in the C7 Operation manual (p.705) : it has simply been dropped ! There is no more ‘Appearance-Work area’ page, which, among others, make any setting of the different vertical grid levels display and the horizontal one impossible.

This is one of the issues that maked me go back to 6.5. Now, waiting for a fix… 7.0.2 ? I don’t hold my breath…

Whilst the prefs are there

I can see what the OP is talking about

You can no longer really get a light near white arrange background, your limited to shades of the colour that’s there, a greeny blue.

However I like this to be honest its easier on the eye in my opinion

I’ve always wondered why there are limits placed on this though

I’m not sure if this might be a mac/pc difference, but:

This looks white. Preferences- ProjectColors - Prject Work Area.

Anyone know which parameter changes the left and right locator color? I haven’t been able to track this one down yet.

none as of now.

edit: wait, do you mean space between them? It’s called Project Cycle Color.

that is indeed what I meant. Thank you sir!!

Guys I stand corrected,

I’m not at my system right now but will try that pref, I didn’t know that was possible in C7

EDIT - yep, you just click on the ‘editor colours’ and ‘editor work area colour’ then a pop up palette lets you change it to any colour, and yes that’s any colour :blush: I didn’t realise that particular screen interacted, I thought you had to go to the next page to tweak settings :confused:

:bulb: Would be cool if we could export our colour schemes and share them on here as a file to d/l (can this be done?) I can’t find anything on my system that looks like such a file?

Personally I like the defaults now in C7 so will leave alone for time being

Save with “Store marked preferences only” checked as a preset, then go fish it out of your presets folder.

Really helpful, Steveinandoutofchicago…thanks :sunglasses:

You’re welcome!